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Watercolor Resist Spider Web Art


Colorful Watercolor Resist Spider Web Art

This week we were looking for a Halloween craft that would be fun to do for different age groups. My niece and nephews were over for a play date and they range in ages from 4 – 8. So we tested out different watercolor resist methods to create our own spider web designs. For the first art piece we made we used a plain old white crayon to design our webs on the paper and then designed our watercolor art over it so the kids could see the resist technique from the white crayon underneath.

Water Color Resist Spider Web ArtWatercolor Resist Halloween Spider Web Kids Art


Our favorite watercolor resist technique was using the rubber cement, the patterns came out more vibrant and the kids couldn’t believe they had made something so cool!

Materials needed:

– Elmer’s Rubber Cement
– Water Color Paper
– Water Colors and Brushes

For the spiders:

– Pom Pom Balls
– Googly Eyes
– Pipe Cleaners

Because we use rubber cement in this project make sure that an adult is the one that is applying it to the paper. First I drew a spider web with the rubber cement onto the water color paper. I sat these outside to air out and dry for a few hours before we actually painted. Next the kids painted over the spider web outlines creating what almost looks like tie dye art! Once everything is dried you can peel off the rubber cement and you’ll see the white lines that it leaves you!  The adorable pom pom spiders were the perfect touch!

Water Color Resist Spider Web ArtThe spiders are super easy to make with only three items pom pom balls, pipe cleaners, and googly eyes. Simply cut the pipe cleaners and bend them to form the legs, I twisted ours around to connect the four pipe cleaners together. Next you’ll glue the pom pom balls to the pipe cleaner legs and then add your googly eyes!

Colorful Watercolor Resist Spider Web Art

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Dr. Seuss Thing 1 and Thing 2 Handprint Craft For Kids


Create your own handprint Thing 1 and Thing 2 handprint art from the popular book by Dr. Seuss called Cat In The Hat. With National Read Across America Day approaching, we’ve been pulling out and reading some of our favorite Dr. Seuss books which also means Dr. Seuss inspired craft projects to go along with them. Check out our first project below using just a few supplies to get started.

Here’s how to make your own Dr. Seuss handprint art!


1. Download and print The Thing 1 and Thing 2 logos.
2. Cut out the logos and set them aside.
3. Paint the palm of your child’s hand with white paint and paint their fingers with teal paint. Refer to the photo.

4. Help your child press their hand down onto the canvas. Carefully pull up their hand to avoid smearing the paint.

5. Wash your child’s hand and dry it off completely.
6. Paint your child’s entire hand with red paint.

7. Help your child press their hand down onto the canvas just below the white and teal handprint. 8. Make sure to point their handprint the opposite way. Refer to the photo.

9. Allow the paint to dry completely and don’t forget to wash your child’s hand! (yikes, what a mess that would be)
10. Draw a face on the canvas with pencil. Trace the pencil with permanent marker.

11. Use a glue stick to glue the Thing 1 and Thing 2 logos on.

Your canvas is done!

Rainbow Sponge Painting St. Patrick’s Day Craft


If you’re looking for a creative rainbow craft for St. Patrick’s Day, this Rainbow Sponge Painting is perfect for all ages! This fun art project explores color mixing and blending. We even added in some glitter (of course!) and a pot of gold for the perfect St. Patrick’s Day touch.

Rainbow St. Patrick’s Day Kids Craft

Gold Glitter
Black Glitter Foam
Black Cardstock

Cut a square shape from the sponge for each color of the rainbow that you will use.

Dab a sponge into paint and stamp it onto the canvas to start creating the shape of a traditional rainbow or one shooting across the sky.

Continue to do the above step until your rainbow is complete. (Don’t forget to use a new sponge for each color paint. Allow the paint to overlap a bit to get a nice blend of colors.)
Allow the paint to dry completely.

Cut cloud shapes from black cardstock. Use a sponge to dab white paint across the entire cloud, leaving a small black border around the edges. Allow the paint to dry completely.

Cut the shape of a black pot from black glitter foam. You can also use the black cardstock if you can’t find black glitter foam.

Glue the clouds onto the rainbow, slightly hanging off of the canvas.
Glue a black pot onto the cloud.
Spread a bit of glue above the pot and add gold glitter. (The chunky stuff looks a lot like gold coins!) Allow the glue to dry.

Your artwork is finished!

Sponge Painting Easter Egg Craft


Sponge Painting Easter Egg Craft


Permanent Marker

Trace the shape of an egg onto a sponge. Do this for each color egg you’ll want to stamp.

Cut out the egg shape from the sponges.
Use the sponge scraps to cut out shapes like a circle, triangle, zig zag line etc.

Dip the egg shaped sponges into paint and press them onto the canvas.

Allow the paint to dry completely before decorating each egg.
Use the sponge shapes to add detail to each egg. Dip them into the paint and have some fun!
Cut some thin pointed lines from the sponges and add some grass blades at the bottom if you’d like.


Newspaper Butterfly Craft


This post is part of the Kids Craft Stars monthly challenge, so be sure to check out some of the other creative newspaper crafts at the end of this post! Or tag us on Instagram with the #kidscraftstars hashtag to share some of your favorite newspaper crafts.

For the life of me, I could not think of a craft for this weeks newspaper challenge. But I knew it would be something colorful so I brought out some of our favorite Spring colors and the kids painted. We covered all of the newspaper and hung them up to dry. Seeing all of the pretty colors hung up reminded me of our Butterfly Egg Carton Garland we made last year, so I knew I had to make some butterflies with all of these colorful pages!

Newspaper Butterfly Kids Craft

DIY Folded Accordion Newspaper Butterflies

Supplies needed:


First we started by painting our newspaper with some acrylic paint. Of course the next step is cutting your newspaper, you can always cut before you paint but this is just how we did it. After you’ve painted then set it aside to dry. Watercolors would work for this craft too, it just depends on what kind of look you’d like. The watercolor dries more see-through than the acrylic paint.

Newspaper Butterfly Kids Craft

Next fold your newspaper in half and then cut, then continue to do this until you get 8 small squares. Then start folding a corner accordion style, continue to do this for every square piece you’ve cut out.

Newspaper Butterflie Craft

Finally, you’ll need two folded squares for our butterflies. One for the top set of wings, and the other for the bottom set of wings. Simply pinch the middle of the squares together and twist your pipe cleaner around it to create body of your butterfly.

Then you’re finished! These would look so cute displayed as a garland for Spring

Jellyfish Salt Painting Activity For Kids


Today we’re experimenting with salt, glue, and watercolors to create some colorful ocean art. You’ll only need a few materials to create this project including table salt, liquid watercolors, and Elmer’s School Glue. Elmer’s is my favorite adhesive solution when creating long-lasting crafts and DIY projects. Some of my favorite ways to craft with Elmer’s in the past has been our colorful button snail and jellyfish, and this easy 3 ingredient puffy paint mixture! However, today we’re trying something that we haven’t tried before… Salt Painting! This was such a fun process art activity that memorized the kids while they watched the paint colors mix and travel along the lines of salt and glue.

Follow the tutorial below to get started!

Jellyfish Salt Painting Process Art Activity


  • Elmer’s Washable School Glue – Washable, no-run glue that is easy to use and stays where you put it.
  • Card Stock Paper – We used a light blue color but any color will work fine.
  • Paint Brush or Pipettes
  • Liquid Watercolors or Food Coloring mixed with water
  • Salt


  1. First you’ll squeeze your glue designs onto your card stock paper. We opted for jellyfish because it’s one of my son’s favorite things to draw and they’re easy! You don’t have to do a jellyfish like we did.  Use your imagination! After we finished our jellyfish, we ending up drawing stars for starfish, some sharks, and turtles.

2. Sprinkle your design with salt until it is covered and then shake the excess salt off.

3. If you don’t have liquid watercolor paints for this step, then you can use food coloring. Take some plastic cups filled with some water and place a few drops of food coloring into each cup. We used the neon food coloring in this particular project. You’ll then dip your paintbrush into the paint and gently touch the salt covered glue lines and magically watch the paint travel and mix colors.

If you’d like, a medicine dropper or a pipette would work well for this activity too. Once you’re finished painting you can set it aside to dry for a day or two.

Once dry, display your new works of art!

Galaxy Paint Blot Butterflies




Pipe Cleaners
Pom Poms
Googly Eyes
Paint Brush
Gold Glitter

Download and print out the butterfly templates.
Cut the template outs.
Fold each butterfly in half. Open the butterfly up.
Add bits and blobs of paint to only one side of the butterfly.

Fold the butterfly over and give it a gentle push to imprint the paint on both sides.
Allow the paint to dry completely.
Use a toothbrush or paintbrush to flick white paint across the butterfly.

Allow the paint to dry completely.
Use a paint brush to add a bit of glue on the butterfly and shake gold glitter on those areas.
Shake off the excess glitter.
Glue a large pom pom at the top of the butterfly, medium ones in the middle and a small one at the bottom. (refer to the photo)

Cut a pipe cleaner into 4 pieces and curl them at the top.
Glue the pipe cleaners onto the back of the large pom pom.
Glue googly eyes onto the large pom pom.
Your galaxy paint splat butterflies are finished!

Fork Painted Black Cat Craft For Kids


Have you ever painted with forks? We gave it a go today and loved how it creates the perfect looking texture for fur for these easy black cat paintings. Grab some black paint, construction paper, and plastic forks to create these fun Fork Painted Black Cats for Halloween!

Fork Painted Black Cat Halloween Kids Craft



Start by dipping your plastic fork into the black paint and then stamping it onto your white paper. Form a circle with the stamping so that you have your circle shape for your black cat. The fork stamping creates a look of fur and it’s so easy for the kids to do!

Next take some construction paper and cut out your pieces for the ears, eyes, nose, and whiskers. You can use white pipe cleaners for the whiskers if you’d like too.

Once your paint is dry you can glue on your nose, eyes, ears, and whiskers. Your fork painted black cat is now complete!

Egg Carton Christmas Tree Craft


It’s not even Thanksgiving yet and my son has been begging for us to put our Christmas tree up. I usually wait until the day after Thanksgiving so I thought maybe I could hold him over with an easy Christmas tree craft so he could decorate his own little Christmas tree himself. This is a simple holiday craft that reuses egg cartons and some random craft supplies as the Christmas tree decorations. I let Jace pick out what we should use to decorate our ‘trees’ with and it was so fun seeing just how creative he got with this project.

Egg Carton Christmas Tree Craft

Egg Carton Christmas Tree Kids Craft

Supplies Needed:



To begin you will want to take an egg carton and cut your pieces for the tree: a row of 3, a row with 2, and two single egg cartons. Take your brown paint and paint the stump of your Christmas tree using a single egg carton that you cut out. The rest of the egg cartons will be painted green.

Egg Carton Christmas Tree Craft

After your paint has dried you’ll want to take a hot glue gun (this step for an adult) and glue the egg cartons to a thick piece of card stock paper like the image below so that it looks like a tree.

Egg Carton Christmas Tree Craft

And finally you can start decorating! We used everything from pom poms to buttons and even glitter glue, so be creative!

Egg Carton Christmas Tree Craft

St. Patrick’s Day Handprint Rainbow Art For Kids


This cute and colorful handprint rainbow craft is perfect for a rainy day activity or as a fun St. Patrick’s Day craft! What mother doesn’t love a cute handprint keepsake? See how we transformed my kids handprints into the cutest rainbow handprint craft, complete with it’s own pot of gold!

This cute and colorful handprint rainbow craft is perfect for a rainy day activity or as a fun St. Patrick's Day craft!


  • Paint
  • Paintbrush
  • White Canvas
  • Gold Glitter Foam Sheet
  • White Foam Sheet
  • Glue
  • Scissors

Prepare a paper plate with a rainbow of paint colors, including black. Paint your child’s fingers red, orange, yellow, blue, green, purple etc. Paint the palm of your child’s hand with black paint. The paint should be put on thick.

This cute and colorful handprint rainbow craft is perfect for a rainy day activity or as a fun St. Patrick's Day craft!

Firmly press your child’s hand on the corner of the canvas. Lift up in one quick motion. Be careful not to smear their hand on the canvas. Allow the paint to dry completely. Let your child paint a rainbow coming off of the fingertips. Allow the paint to dry completely.

This cute and colorful handprint rainbow craft is perfect for a rainy day activity or as a fun St. Patrick's Day craft!

Cut a cloud shape from white foam and glue on top of the end of the rainbow. Trim off excess foam.

This cute and colorful handprint rainbow craft is perfect for a rainy day activity or as a fun St. Patrick's Day craft!

Cut small circles from gold glitter foam and glue onto the black “pot of gold.”

This cute and colorful handprint rainbow craft is perfect for a rainy day activity or as a fun St. Patrick's Day craft!

If you are creating the canvas with the grass, you will first dip your child’s finger in green paint and have them press it along the bottom of the canvas to create grass blades.

This cute and colorful handprint rainbow craft is perfect for a rainy day activity or as a fun St. Patrick's Day craft!
This cute and colorful handprint rainbow craft is perfect for a rainy day activity or as a fun St. Patrick's Day craft!

Follow the rest of the steps above except place your child’s hand in the middle of the canvas slightly on top of the grass.

This cute and colorful handprint rainbow craft is perfect for a rainy day activity or as a fun St. Patrick's Day craft!

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