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Fingerprint Flowers And Flying Butterfly


When flower starts to bloom, let the spring crafts begin! So here we are with a playful fingerprint flower and flying butterfly craft.

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This is a great craft to talk about flowers, butterfly and how do they benefit each other. Introducing the concept of pollination becomes so much fun with this simple craft for preschool and kindergarten kids.


BEHIND THE SCENE STEPS 1. Make the petals of the flower with fingerprints. Glue button in the centre of the flowers making the pistils.

2. Make the flower stems using a black marker.

3. Fold a piece of blue cardstock paper and cut out a shape of butterfly. Decorate the butterfly’s feather using colorful markers.

4. Glue/Tape a craft stick on one side of the butterfly.

5. Make a cut in the paper plate such that the craft stick attached to the butterfly moves comfortably through it.



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