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Egg Carton Butterfly Garland


It’s time for The Kids Craft Stars monthly craft challenge! Every month we have a challenge between a few blogger friends and I, to in-cooperate a different craft medium or technique into a simple kid craft. This month’s challenge was to come up with a craft made from egg cartons. So we saved all of ours from our Easter egg dyeing and created this super simple spring garland craft!

Egg Carton Butterfly Garland

Egg Carton Butterfly Garland Kids Craft


Materials Needed:

– Egg Carton
– Scissors
– Paint
– Pipe Cleaners
– String

Egg Carton Butterfly Garland


Start by cutting out the cups out of the egg carton. Next you’ll cut a slit in the middle of each point like the image below so that after the slits are cut you’ll be able to lay the cup flat.

Egg Carton Butterfly Garland

Next you’ll flatten down the carton like the image above, and trim around each point to give it the shape of a butterfly wing.

Egg Carton Butterfly Garland

Next grab your paint, we used some bright colors for ours. I placed some paint on a paper plate and let the kids paint each of the cups. Once they’re dried you can take the pipe cleaners and twist them around your egg carton cups that you’ve painted to make the body of the butterfly, leaving two antennas on top.

Egg Carton Butterfly Garland

Finally, you can take your string and thread it through the pipe cleaner on the back of the butterfly and hang them up!

Egg Carton Butterfly Garland


If you are looking for even more easy kid craft ideas using egg cartons, be sure to check out the rest of The Kids Craft Stars to see what they’ve crafted up for the challenge!  And keep up with the latest from The Kids Craft Stars by following  their hashtag #kidscraftstars.

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